"I've had the opportunity of utilizing Steve's skills in creative writing and editing on several of my hospital and health care system client projects. Steve is easy to work with, professional in his approach of the subject matter and an excellent writer and editor. He's never missed a deadline, and I am very impressed with the quality of his work.

Bonnie Wittman, Owner and Founder
Wittman & Associates (Cocoa Beach, FL)

"We are very happy with both the quality of work and the speed in which he was able to complete our project. Steve was very easy to work with, he listened to the subtle nuances that our industry faces and came up with excellent solutions and project ideas. The options he presented were well thought out, and the final product was exceptional. Very good follow through and in all exceeded our expectations. We would highly recommend Steve for any marketing projects you have."

Joey and Elsa Sather, Owners
Cornerstone Homes (Laguna Hills, CA)

“Steve and I were co-workers years ago. Since he moved out of state, we’ve used him on numerous occasions for senior-level copywriting projects (more than any other freelancer). Steve works hard, produces excellent copy and is diligent about following direction.”

Carol Hubbard, Associate Creative Director
PC Advertising (Colorado Springs, CO)

“Steve is an awesome writer, and he is very creative - from concept to actual product. He is always on time, and the quality of his work is exceptional. He has always come through for me."

Bonnie Wittman, Founder
Wittman & Associates, Inc. (Cocoa Beach, FL)

“I’ve enjoyed working with Steve on a number of direct-mail projects. His understanding of the principles of direct response and his ability to quickly grasp the essentials of new products have enabled us to produce high-quality, effective client communications.”

Diane North, Former Board Member
Midwest Direct Marketing Association (Minneapolis, MN)

“Steve is one of the most talented writers I have worked with in the Twin Cities area. He's quick. Intelligent. Hard working. And a pleasure to work with. Armed with over 20 years of experience writing successful promotions for a variety of companies, Steve has the ability to alter his style to meet the specific needs of the client – without sacrificing salesmanship. His writing is an editor's dream. It's well researched, organized, and tight. Above all, it's compelling and it works. Having worked with Steve for several years, I wouldn't hesitate to hire him again on a freelance or full-time basis.”

Robert B. Sloane, President
R.B. Sloane Advertising (Minneapolis, MN)

“Steve’s plate is always full and yet he is always there to produce perfect results and turn things around on a dime when it’s needed. He makes things fun and gives everything that awesome Tastefully Simple image. Steve goes above and beyond to support others and make other people look good. I have seen Steve quite naturally elevate to the leadership role on various projects, a position where he is highly respected by his team and those outside of his team as well. Besides that, he’s a joy to work with.”

Kathleen Peterson, Director of Sales
Tastefully Simple, Inc. (Alexandria, MN)

“Steve is definitely there for us! He writes, edits, helps position and contributes to nearly everything we publish for our consultants and clients … and he always takes time from his busy schedule to help anyone with a writing emergency. He is thoughtful, a great listener, and he gets it done!”
Jane Nachbor, Image Director
Tastefully Simple, Inc. (Alexandria, MN)

“Steve is without a doubt the best writer I have ever had the pleasure to work with. The Sydney 2000 Olympics program is just one of many successful campaigns he has penned during his tenure at Asset Marketing. ‘Show me the money’ is definitely not in Steve’s vocabulary. His motivation is the desire to give every assignment his very best!”

Patricia Pfeifer, Director of Creative Services
Asset Marketing Services, Inc. (Minneapolis, MN)

“Over the past two years, Steve has written over 20 projects for us. Working under what most may consider ‘impossible’ deadlines, Steve has created some of the best direct response copy I have ever seen. And our clients feel the same way about Steve’s work. But the real proof of a direct response copywriter is his ability to sell products. According to our clients, the programs that Steve has written have exceeded projections. On top of everything else, he’s a pleasure to work with.”

Michael Rogers, Vice President - Account Director
CADMUS Direct (Los Angeles, CA)

“Since I began using his services in 1985, Steve Schwartz has consistently done a fine job for us. His assistance in preparing letters, brochures and other promotional materials has made him an integral part of our company. I don’t know how we’d be able to get along without him.”

Allen Asen, President
Asen Computer Associates, Inc. (Chicago, IL)

“Over the years I've had the pleasure of working with some of the best advertising and sales promotion professionals in the business -- both in New York and the Twin Cities. There's only a handful I would put my complete confidence in, and Steve is one of them. He understands what I am trying to accomplish and produces copy that is close to what I need on the first try. On top of that, he's easy to work with, even when I make changes that would upset other writers.”

Leslie Baker, Director of Marketing
Tsumura Medical (Shakopee, MN)

“Steve Schwartz is more than just another writer; he's a problem solver. When I'm looking for a writer for projects that don't require much thought or marketing insight, there are many to choose from. But when I need a writer who will take the time to thoroughly background himself on the situation, the marketing objectives behind the project, and come up with the best possible solution, Steve is the one I call. While other writers are putting forth their best effort to win awards for themselves, Steve is working his hardest to come up with creative communications that meet our needs. I've worked with Steve often and he's never let me down. I strongly recommend him.”

Michael D. Nelson, Partner
Digital Impressions (Minneapolis, MN)

“For two years Steve and I locked ourselves up in an 8' x 10' room and made up stuff. Interesting, informative, motivating stuff. The remarkable thing was that we made this interesting stuff out of a lot of technical, hard-to-understand, unorganized, boring stuff. But when that's the challenge, that's what Steve does. I like his stuff. Everybody does.”

Jim Kanters, Creative Director
Miller Meester Advertising (Minneapolis, MN)

“Steve Schwartz is a very talented direct-response copywriter with a good marketing sense and an excellent grasp of technical subjects. When I needed a writer who could handle a wide variety of projects and turn them around quickly, Steve was the best choice I could have made. His first assignment, in fact, was a full-page ad for The Wall Street Journal that out-pulled any other ad we've ever produced. I plan to use Steve's talents often.”

Dudley Stevenson, Director of Advertising
Northgate Computer Systems (Minneapolis, MN)

“Steve worked for me as a copywriter and product advertising manager for six years. I found him to be an excellent writer and editor as well as a generator of creative concepts. He welcomes responsibility, understands budget realities, works easily with clients and coworkers, and has a good understanding of the health care market. Over the years, I've tapped his copywriting talents on innumerable occasions. If I had elected to establish a full-fledged ad agency, Steve would have been the first person I hired for my staff. I recommend him highly.”

Edward E. Stebner, President
Medmark Communications, Inc. (Chicago, IL)

“Steve has both client and agency experience, from large to small agencies for consumer and business-to-business accounts. He works very quickly without sacrificing accuracy and creativity, and he has the ability to tackle big jobs which are difficult for many writers to handle. Most of his work has been in print, collateral and direct mail. Not only is he an excellent copywriter, but a fine human being ... and those qualifications are rare these days.”

Joe Van Trump, Executive Vice President
Miller Meester Advertising (Minneapolis, MN)

“Steve is an excellent writer who has a very high standard of quality and strives to make sure every printed piece (including copy and graphics) meets his expectations and exceeds the client’s expectations as well. I also appreciate his attention to schedules. When deadlines are tight, he is always willing to go the extra mile. A valuable member of our team!”

Rick Mills, Associate Creative Director
PC Advertising (Colorado Springs, CO)

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