A Word About My Portfolio

Here you'll find a wide variety of pieces I've written over the years - ads, brochures, direct mail packages and much more. I have placed them in no particular order, so you'd have to look at everything! Let me also mention that I supervised the design for many of the pieces. For instance, the billing stuffer I created for Rand-McNally – with two globes forming the middle two letters in LOOK – was my design concept. Incidentally, one of my best samples – the direct mail package that helped make DVDs such a phenomenon – is missing. See why at the very end of this portfolio page!

Why the Following Two Samples Are MS Word Documents

Back in the days when DVDs were known as Digital Versatile Discs, I was asked to write a full direct-mail package for Toshiba to introduce the new technology to the North American market. The package I wrote – complete with full-color brochure, 2-page letter, sweepstakes insert and more – was sent to those who called Toshiba after watching their 30-minute infomercial. After I knew that the package had been printed, I did what all copywriters do who are proud of their work – I started asking my client to send me samples for my portfolio. Sad to say, the client ignored my requests. Well, after months of asking, coaxing and begging, the client finally told me that all of the packages had been sent out and there were none left. It was at that point that I suddenly realized that I could have easily gotten my hands on the direct-mail package simply by calling the toll-free number I had written all over the package!

Toshiba_Brochure.doc Toshiba_Brochure.doc
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Toshiba_Letter.doc Toshiba_Letter.doc
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